Tonight, we continue to bring voices, your voices, our voices to the events shaping what's happening around us. Quick hello's and words from people like Pockets Holland, Big Rob (Rob Stoddard), Todd Huslander and Julie Rockcastle and Steve Rockcastle. Shout-outs to all of you this Sunday evening, and messages of hope. Free to download, stream, listen to, and here for you to connect with voices you want to hear.

Tonight we continued our mission of bringing different voices, your voices, our voices to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, and how it's affecting all of you, and provide some information, resources and hope. Tonight, it was Kristina Murray on the interview, as we talked about radical acceptance, trauma response, hope, different people's responses, and some tools to cope with all of it. Tune in, enjoy. Free to download, stream and listen to. 

Tonight we continued our week of looking at mental and emotional wellness and recapped some of the free resources that are now available and have sprung up to help people cope with, get through some of the anxiety, stress and fear and depression that this crisis is bringing into people's lives, and doing so gently, and without judgment and just being of service.

Tonight, we continued to bring voices, different voices, your voices, our voices to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and how we're all dealing with it. This week, we'll concentrate and focus on mental and emotional wellbeing and coping with the anxiety, unease and fear that this pandemic is bringing to everyone's lives. Tonight, Jim Balmer, whom I've known 40 years, and has been in field of health services, addiction recovery and mental health for 40 years. Turns out that there's a lot that 12 Step programs have to offer that crosses over from addiction to isolation and quarantine, and Jim and I talk about some of those resources that are available to you, resources that are free that have sprung up online and virtually, literally exploded in the course of a month, and that not only can you, or an addict, recovering or not use, but that anyone can use to deal with fear, dread, the loss of control, and the feelings of being isolated and trapped that this entire thing has brought about. Free to download, stream or listen to, no paywalls, and also available on Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Apple Podcasts and more for free.

Tonight, Sunday, we continued our series of bringing voices, your voices, our voices, to how we’re responding to the Covid-19 crisis with the return of Greg Haley, a Sunday show regular. In a wide-ranging conversation we talked about things like health care and what it will look like beyond this, the higher education system and what changes may occur there, and economic and societal look-aheads. He brings a thoughtful perspective, and one filled with hope, because along with fighting the current fight we have, we all have to look ahead, and Greg does. And fittingly, because I do open and close every show with a song, and not just any song this show. Bill Withers, gone this week from Covid-19, live at Carnegie Hall, now dark, and you do want to listen and sing along at the end as he leads the audience in Lean On Me, because that’s what we all need to do right now, so sing, brothers and sisters, sing it loud. Sing it so I can hear it in Buffalo, and we all can hear one another.

We continued tonight bringing voices, your voices, our voices to talk about what's happening, in these days, and what's being offered, what's being built, and what can be of help and support. Tonight's conversation with Hollis and Bright Hawk was centered around what they're building and offering to be of assistance and help during these times. A delightful conversation that ranged across the spectrum, talking about offering virtual fires and drumming, singing and chanting, dancing; offering a Sunday Family Funday for those families with kids, offering counseling and support during these trying times once a week, all virtually, all using Zoom technology, and all available to all of you. Listen in and find out more. Free to download, stream or listen to, this link takes you to the Master library, with every episode, every voice, we've had on so far. Thank you.

Tonight, continuing in our mission of bringing voices every night to what is occurring around us, your voices, our voices; it was my pleasure to talk with a friend of 30 years Mz Imani (Imani White) in a far-ranging conversation. We talked about what’s happening, what she’s doing, what’s she’s offering virtually to help people, we talked about the power of language, about working with and through the fear around what’s happening, about choices, about what we can do to move forward, and about other things happening around us while this is going on. Please listen in, free to download or stream, or just listen.

A quick video update from me about the status of things here in Buffalo and Western New York concerning Desolation Angel Radio and the Nomad Project, and Covid-19 on Friday April 3rd, 2020

Tonight, we continued our mission and series of bringing voices, your voices to these days we live in. From here in Buffalo, Avi Shalom and Bridge Rauch lent their voices and gave interviews, and to my ears, brought hope and light. No matter where you are, or who you are, I ask you to listen to what they have to say, and the information they give. If you're in Buffalo, as two of the people intimately tied into the Buffalo Mutual Aid Network, they're a treasure trove of information, either for you, a family member or a neighbor. Please listen, as you may find some things out you didn't know, and have more resources for food, for help, for questions that you or anyone else may have, and hear a vision for the future beyond Covid-19. Free to download, stream, listen and share (and do so liberally). If you're not in the area, still more information to have to build and grow mutual aid networks wherever you are.

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