April 6, 2020

Desolation Angel April 6th 2020 - In the Days of the Virus - The Chronicles Episode 18

Tonight, we continued to bring voices, different voices, your voices, our voices to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and how we're all dealing with it. This week, we'll concentrate and focus on mental and emotional wellbeing and coping with the anxiety, unease and fear that this pandemic is bringing to everyone's lives. Tonight, Jim Balmer, whom I've known 40 years, and has been in field of health services, addiction recovery and mental health for 40 years. Turns out that there's a lot that 12 Step programs have to offer that crosses over from addiction to isolation and quarantine, and Jim and I talk about some of those resources that are available to you, resources that are free that have sprung up online and virtually, literally exploded in the course of a month, and that not only can you, or an addict, recovering or not use, but that anyone can use to deal with fear, dread, the loss of control, and the feelings of being isolated and trapped that this entire thing has brought about. Free to download, stream or listen to, no paywalls, and also available on Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Apple Podcasts and more for free.

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