April 5, 2020

Desolation Angel April 5th 2020 - In the Days of the Virus - The Chronicles Episode 17

Tonight, Sunday, we continued our series of bringing voices, your voices, our voices, to how we’re responding to the Covid-19 crisis with the return of Greg Haley, a Sunday show regular. In a wide-ranging conversation we talked about things like health care and what it will look like beyond this, the higher education system and what changes may occur there, and economic and societal look-aheads. He brings a thoughtful perspective, and one filled with hope, because along with fighting the current fight we have, we all have to look ahead, and Greg does. And fittingly, because I do open and close every show with a song, and not just any song this show. Bill Withers, gone this week from Covid-19, live at Carnegie Hall, now dark, and you do want to listen and sing along at the end as he leads the audience in Lean On Me, because that’s what we all need to do right now, so sing, brothers and sisters, sing it loud. Sing it so I can hear it in Buffalo, and we all can hear one another.

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