April 4, 2020

Desolation Angel April 4th 2020 - In the Days of the Virus - The Chronicles Episode 16

We continued tonight bringing voices, your voices, our voices to talk about what's happening, in these days, and what's being offered, what's being built, and what can be of help and support. Tonight's conversation with Hollis and Bright Hawk was centered around what they're building and offering to be of assistance and help during these times. A delightful conversation that ranged across the spectrum, talking about offering virtual fires and drumming, singing and chanting, dancing; offering a Sunday Family Funday for those families with kids, offering counseling and support during these trying times once a week, all virtually, all using Zoom technology, and all available to all of you. Listen in and find out more. Free to download, stream or listen to, this link takes you to the Master library, with every episode, every voice, we've had on so far. Thank you.

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