April 18, 2020

Desolation Angel April 18th 2020 - In the Days of the Virus - The Chronicles Episode 26

Tonight, we bring some more light to the darkness. 3 beautiful human souls talking about art, mental and emotional support and wellness and resources, creativity, and some spiritual insights. Cynthia Voegel talks about art, 14th century art, and how previous epidemics informed and shaped art, and how that applies to today, and what may come, and has some very kind things to say about one of her mentors, Dr. Ken Payne (and we talk haircuts)

Jessica Ewanic talks about trauma support, and emotional support peer to peer, and has a very comprehensive list of resources available, counseling available, phone numbers for everything from domestic violence, abuse, sexual assault, addiction and substance abuse, suicide hotlines (and we talk French Onion Soup)

Jeci Skywalker talks about some of the spiritual underpinnings of what's occurring, shadow work so necessary to (gently) confront and staying healthy, well and creative through this, using personal creative processes (and we talk brunch)

All 3 souls bring some true light and hope to what's happening, some resources and information. (And in the course of doing this one, I wind up revealing a whole lot of how I got from Kip BC [before Corona], who now seems like a couple of "me's" and a lifetime ago, to Kip AC [After Corona] and what's happening now for me, and what may be forward, didn't intend that one, but it turns out well.) 

So, in that effort to bring voices, your voices, our voices, a chorus of voices, and provide a living document of what these times are doing to the collective us, and how we're responding, that's tonight's show, a couple of hours of thoughtful, insightful, intentional conversation by these 3 to help light a candle, to go with all of your candles against the darkness. Free to stream, listen to, download or subscribe to, all paywalls are down, it's free.


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