Tonight's Desolation Angel Radio. A catch up and tune in. Some information for you; masks, numbers, facts, and some calm and rationality in all of this.

Tonight, in the ongoing series of bringing different voices, your voices, our voices to the Covid-19 epidemic that's changing our lives, two really interesting interviews. Dwayne Brashears, from down in New Orleans, former program director at WWOZ (best radio station in the country) and we talk everything; JazzFest (which would be going on now), Mardi Gras culture, Mardi Gras Indians and Super Sunday, how Covid-19 is and will affect musicians, venues, restaurants from here forward, and as a long time Burning Man attendee, Dwayne and I talk cancelled festivals. (Annnddd of course, being a bit homesick, the intro music tonight is Galactic, and the outro is Allen Toussaint, and Mac (Dr. John). Our other guest is my good friend Elizabeth Whitacre, Buffalo resident and small business owner, and also probably one of the best card readers I know, we talk that, and what she saw beforehand, and keeps seeing now, and we talk about effects on small business, and we talk about trauma response, and keeping a business alive during this time. Free to download, stream or listen to, always.

Tonight, we're talking about banding together, forming guilds, responding to protesters, and working together, as one, and what happens once this is over and how we move forward.



Tonight, we did our normal Sunday show with Greg Haley. Couple of things here. For those who know Greg and I, take a listen, because tonight, we were just "us", it's like sitting around at camp listening to the two of us get going on a normal roll on the things that he and I are known to talk about, regularly, economics, politics, society, and our take on all of it. About midway, both he and I do have some messages, a message for Brushwood folks that it would be worth your time to listen to. There's actually a pretty personal message from me to anyone who knows me near the end, and the music tonight? Well I got a little carried away, and there's a dance party at the end. Enjoy. Free to download, stream, listen to, always.

Last night's show, the Thursday April 16th show. Loss, trauma, grief. .everyone is feeling it and adjusting to a new "normal". Being helpful to that, and connecting with people; old and new

Tonight, we brought a chorus of voices in, Kristina Murray, Gretchen, Cate and Frank Dalton, TJ Laffan, Eric Vazquez, Skip Clark, Cathi Wilson, Gary Faulkenbery and Tammy Criswell. . all to just give their love to you all, to Brushwood and to Teresa, and put their voices towards telling everyone to stay safe, and we'll all be together again. Just give it a listen, and hear your friends. Free to download, stream or listen to.

Tonight, the show is my once a week solo show, information and resources you can use to navigate these days we live in, some help hopefully, no matter where you live, and my own observations on what I see every day, every week out there, my own hopes, fears and feelings about what I'm seeing and see looking ahead. And tonight, of course, Jackson Browne, who's been diagnosed with Covid-19, and John Prine, one more time, when he gets to Heaven. Free to download, stream and listen to.

Tonight, we continue to bring voices, your voices, our voices to the events shaping what's happening around us. Quick hello's and words from people like Pockets Holland, Big Rob (Rob Stoddard), Todd Huslander and Julie Rockcastle and Steve Rockcastle. Shout-outs to all of you this Sunday evening, and messages of hope. Free to download, stream, listen to, and here for you to connect with voices you want to hear.

Tonight we continued our mission of bringing different voices, your voices, our voices to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, and how it's affecting all of you, and provide some information, resources and hope. Tonight, it was Kristina Murray on the interview, as we talked about radical acceptance, trauma response, hope, different people's responses, and some tools to cope with all of it. Tune in, enjoy. Free to download, stream and listen to. 

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